Why SMS Adventisement?
The 21th Century most potential ways of advertisement :
Adventisement through SMS
。Statistic shows that in Year 2005, a total of 21 billion SMS had been sent out with an average of 4000 SMS been sent out per minute.
。With an average of 345 SMS been sent out per person per year.
。This has been that SMS part and puzzle of our life.
。Year 2005, in the first 10 month in China successfully transmitted 246.6 billion SMS.
。In Europe, average 5 billion SMS per month been transmitted.
。In Japan and Korea, emailing been replace by SMS industry.
。According to statistics shown until June 2006 there are more than 2 billion mobile phone users in the world; an average of 1 thousand been registered as new mobile phone user per minute, which made SMS being one of the TOP 5 media for advertising.
Why we choose SMS advertisement ?
。The SMS advertising services in USE at present is in the market develops a most rapid profession, has created 250 million USD business i last year.
。Malaysia have 18 million mobile phone users, each mobile phone users is your valued customers.
。More personalize and professional of advertisement.
。Fast & Easy to transmit your fata to your customers.
。Select your own language to suit your customers.
。D.I.Y your advertisement anytime… anywhere.
。To create your own promotional @ sales bazaar through SMS advertisement.
。Send your own promotional @ sales bazaar through SMS Advertisement.
。Send greeting immediately to your customers. ( Thank You, etc )
。Very economical, less than RM15 cents / SMS.
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Why SMS Adventisement?
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